Monday, July 27, 2015

I heart math.

If I haven't said it before, I absolutely LOVE math! Two years ago we adopted a new Math Curriculum, GO Math! I spent the first year just getting familiar with it and I absolutely loved it but I felt like there wasn't a lot of opportunity for group learning, they did most of the assignment independently. With the craze of Interactive Notebooks, I decided to tackle the feat on my own. I spent this past school year creating it and using it with my own students. I wanted to make sure I "tested" it with my little friends before sharing it with everyone incase it was an EPIC fail! BUT I'm happy to report that it was a successful year and I truly felt it helped enrich my students learning of each topic....

PAUSE FOR THE BACHELORETTE...(yes, guilty as charged)  :/ #teamshawn

Ok, commercial break, haha! Back to my love for math (not reality TV)...Each of the pages have the common core standard at the top to help with alignment to the CCSS. What I think my students enjoyed the most was the difference in question prompts. Each time they were asked a "review/check what you know" question, either an application question or a interactive flap, and then finally a multiple choice question. I truly think having the multiple choice question helped my students when it came time for standardized testing. We did these pages together so I was able to help them with strategies to approach multiple choice questions. I also allowed them to keep their journals out when they were working on their pages from the textbook incase they wanted to look back on it for help. I realize that everyone might not need every page so I also broke it up into four different categories (although it's cheaper to buy the bundle). In the document, I also included pictures of the journal I created but I know how creative all my fellow teachers are and I'm sure they could come up with different uses for the flaps then I did! I also created a free sample with pages from each category as a trial run for your students! I hope this can help you enrich your math lessons and find a place for it in your classroom! :) *Click on the picture to head over to my store! I have a list of everything that is included in each of the Interactive Math Notebooks but it's just too much to type out during The Bachelorette Finale! hahah*

Interactive Math Notebook 

Interactive Math Notebook - Number Sense & Place Value

Interactive Math Notebook - Addition & Subtraction

Interactive Math Notebook - Measurement & Data

Interactive Math Notebook - Geometry & Fractions

Interactive Math Notebook - FREEBIE

P.S. I want to give a special thank you to Amy Lemons for her Periscope on TPT previews using Picasa! OMG this was a life saver! I used to take screen shots and save images and then make the collage by myself in powerpoint...ANNOYING! If you didn't get a chance to see her Periscope she also posted the video on her blog and if you aren't using Picasa for your own TPT previews PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch her tutorial! MIND BLOWN! :) Just another wonderful thing about social media and collaborating/learning with teachers across the country! :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Well as I started the school year this year I was going to commit to weekly blog posts to explain my classroom happenings and what do you know here I am writing after the school year is over. :( I guess a few things got in the way this school year...helping out a new teaching partner, creating my own Interactive Math Notebook (stay tuned for a post about this later) correlating to the common core standards, and trying to be more active on TPT (something else that also needs improvement). Although, I wasn't able to follow through with my goal of posting weekly, it was a pretty successful school year. It's also nice to know some of my fellow bloggers fell behind in their blogging, too. :)

As the school year finished, I've already gone to Vegas and thrown a 30th birthday party for my husband! Whoever said teachers have "summers off" clearly isn't a teacher! Now that things have slowly started to calm down, I am working on a few products, finalizing my Interactive Math Notebook, and reviving my blog posting!

BIG GOALS this summer so stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ahhh! My Classroom is NOT ready!

I'm back...two days in a row - I am really up'ing my blogging skills here! :) I am continuing to link up with Blog Hoppin, but of course my classroom isn't ready yet! Like any teacher, we want it to be perfect and to reveal my classroom before it's finished would make me crazy! So I am linking up with the promise to share photos as soon as my classroom is finished! We don't start school until September 2nd so I definitely have some time! I only have a few things left but I don't want to spoil anything! :)

Enjoy setting up your classrooms and don't forget to check back in a week for pictures of my classroom! 

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OH and how could I almost forget...DON'T FORGET about that TPT Back to School Sale Round 2 happening JUST tomorrow! Use the code BOOST at check out! My whole store will be on sale! Click on the picture below to head over to my store! :)

Happy Shopping!

Monday, August 18, 2014

It's my birthday & Back to School Linky!

Well summer is winding down and here I am again behind on my blogposts! What better way to get back into the swing of things than with Back to School link up with blog hoppin! This is a great way to get to know other bloggers!

So without further ado, here's a little bit about me! My name is Mallory Pickens and I am a second grade teacher from Michigan! If you didn't notice in the blog title - today is my birthday! I turned 28 today and promised that as part of a birthday gift to myself I would not go into my classroom! Now, with back to school meetings fast approaching, this was quite difficult - but it doesn't mean I can't work on things for my classroom from home! So instead of going into my classroom, I went to Costco and then to the grocery store - man how my birthday celebrations have changed over the year! My husband and I play on a co-ed softball team, so of course we have the Championship games tonight - so no birthday dinner celebration - but hopefully we will at least have a Championship victory! As I mentioned, I am married and have been for almost 3 years! It's been an amazing 3 years and I couldn't ask for a better husband, partner, and best friend! We are hoping to add a new addition soon to our family - a boxer puppy - but first we are working on installing a fence in our backyard! I have been teaching for 5 years and have loved every minute of it. I am so blessed to be at such an amazing school, with both parents and staff who are very supportive! Here's a few more fun facts about me...Don't forget to link up with Blog Hoppin all this week! Click on the "Who Monday Picture" to head over to their blog! If you like the 10 things about me head on over to Amy Lemons Blog, she posted a blank version! 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

School's Out for Summer...Longest Blog Post EVER!

Welp, since my last blog post a lot of craziness has happened! Due to our spring break happening in mid-April, we were in crunch time until the end of the school year! Oh yea and my sister is getting married in three weeks, so that meant bridal shower and bachelorette party in Punta Cana - so what I am trying to say is sorry I haven't blogged in a while but to say I was busy is an understatement!

Our last day of school was a week ago and it's safe to say I already miss my "third" graders! It was a very difficult moving up ceremony because I wanted to keep them in second grade with me for another year! If you follow my Instagram account, you were able to get a taste of a few of the activities we did together in the last few months of school but I will share the "highlights" with you anyway! :)

The short month of April, thanks to a late Easter was spent working on a few Easter activities and going on a field trip to the Cranbrook Science Center to learn a little bit more about Dinosaurs! But most importantly, we became PUBLISHED AUTHORS! We use the Being A Writer program for writing and one of the units focuses on non-fiction writing. It presented us with the opportunity to choose one of our writing pieces about either Summer, Spring, Fall, or Winter in Michigan and publish them into books and then share them in the Author's Chair! Here's a few pictures of the fun things we did before break!

Author's Chair

Cranbrook Science Center

By the time May rolled around, we were in our final month of school and it was finally starting to feel like spring in Michigan! We finally were able to have outdoor recess (YAY! The snow finally melted) and start practicing for Field Day at the end of the month! Teaching second grade at a Catholic School means two very important sacraments - Reconciliation and First Communion! We have a special May Crowning Procession to honor Mary, where all my little ones were able to come to school in their First Communion outfits and process through the neighborhood, leading the whole school, to the statue of Mary to crown! It was a very special day and they all looked beautiful! Finally, we celebrated surviving May by conquering Field Day! What a busy, but fun month! :)

Recess Fun!

May Crowning in our 1st Communion Outfits


WE MADE IT TO JUNE! The last few days we finished up our end of the year assessments and I had a very proud teacher moment! We use GO Math! for our Math program and we administer a beginning of the year, middle of the year, and end of the year math assessment and the results blew me away! See picture below! :) We also created our interactive class poetry book using QR codes! It was such a fun project and the feedback from parents as well as students has been above and beyond what I could have imagined! It made all the printing and then reprinting the QR codes and individually gluing them on the poem because the copier cut them off, all worth it! :)Oh, and how could I forget...we went to the Detroit Zoo! My favorite field trip of the year!

Math Assessment Results :) 

Detroit Zoo - Being a Kid again! :)


Our Class Poetry Book - Assembly Line

The Final Product! :)

Scan to hear one of the poems! :) 
Summer break...time to get started on some more TPT products! Happy Saturday! 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Happy Reading Month! I am so excited to kick-off reading month with a celebration of Dr. Seuss' Birthday! Although, it doesn't feel like March in Michigan with the piles and piles of snow and the below freezing temperatures, we are still excited for a very busy March and the hopes that Spring is coming soon! Tomorrow, we will be watching one of my favorite animated movies, "The Lorax"! We will be doing a few very exciting Lorax crafts, thanks to the wonderful teacher bloggers out there! I can't wait to share the finished projects! Check back throughout the week, for some pictures of their work in "progress"! In honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday, I uploaded a book report freebie! My students love doing these themed book reports for homework! If you enjoy using the Dr. Seuss book report in your classroom, please check out my Monthly Themed Book Reports - there's at least one book report a month! Also, we have finished sharing our President Reports! Please check out this awesome product in my TPT store! My students absolutely loved learning about different presidents and researching them both during school as well as at home!

Dr. Seuss Book Report! 

A few "close-ups" of student president reports!

Proud Teacher! Here's a video of everyone's reports! :)

President Report

I hope everyone has a great Monday! :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are you ready for some football? FLASH SALE

Are you ready for some football? I think the real question is are you ready for third quarter? I can't believe we are starting our second week of the third quarter! This school year is flying by and it's bittersweet for me! I am looking forward to summer - MOSTLY for the warm weather ( I am over this whole Polar Vortex fun), but sad because I am really enjoying this school year with my kiddies! They are a fun and outgoing bunch and make coming into work every morning very enjoyable! This past week, when school wasn't closed due to extremely cold weather, we were able to celebrate Catholic Schools Week! We ended the week with our Special Person Day, where each student brings in someone who is special to them. We attend Mass together and then they come back to the classroom for some very fun activities. We play Jeopardy in the classroom as well as "Roll a Star" game! They students (and the "special people") had a blast! I was even able to bring my husband in to school as my special person! But, now it's back to the daily least until our Valentine's Day Party and 100th day of school bash! :)

In honor of Super Bowl Sunday, I will be having a Super Bowl Sale - 20% off my store today! :) For those of you have had the opportunity to use my Reading Logs in your classroom, I appreciate your positive feedback! I have uploaded more pages to this product as well as uploading an editable version for those of you would like to adjust the questions or even the space for where they write their responses. I am VERY happy with how well these are working for our Tuesday night reading homework. The students enjoy writing the quick responses as well as seeing how many books they have read this year! The parents are also pleased with these reading logs because they are holding their child accountable for what they are reading and they are learning different reading comprehension skills! I hope you get a chance to check this out in my store today! I also uploaded a Super Bowl Freebie! My students love doing acrostic poems for their journal writing, so I created a few acrostic poems related to the Super Bowl!

Enjoy the game and the commercials! :)
Click on the picture to start shopping at my TPT store! :)